KINDLE_CAMERA_1386015339000How many of you out there wondered why you have no visitors on your blog? In today’s busy social media and blogs’ world, how did you start with visitors, views and likes. I know you need to keep the public’s interest, and I learned thru Pinterest that you need to find what really interest your pinners. This past month my pinners double, because I added a board “What my Followers Like.” It hit paydirt. In this month alone, I went from 101, to 232, just 10 minutes ago was the last count.

Now I ask myself, ok I found out what it took to make my pinners happy, now I need to know what my audience wants. That is the millon dollar question, What do my followers like. Now I am old school, went to school for most of my life, yes that’s right….most of my younger life. I have been with computers since 1978, so I do know about computers. But when I graduated from Sante Fe Community College in 1995, the internet was just getting started. Now I have not been in the computer world since 2005, so I would be mostly lost in the hype of today’s computer world.

Four years ago, my husband bought me a Kindle Fire and I really thought I wouldn’t like it. Boy was I wrong. Now three Kindles later I have become a social media person. I have Facebook, Pinterest, and now my blog. My step-grandchildren got my first two Kindles, and I have three more to go.

Sooo, followers what do you want from this blog? I enjoy the writing, I am still learning how to do this blog and I have some quilting on here and the recipes I have to put more of them on here. I have to figure out how much of each ingredients to put on my recipes because I do not measure. Only when I do a new recipe will I use measurements, and even then I do not follow them to a T.

So followers, “What Do you Want?” Please feel free to tell me. Help me understand what you want. Leave me a comment, let me know, and together we can make it happen. Thanks everyone.


2 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Hello Meme, thank for stopping by, you commented on my posts (https://koolitzable.wordpress.com/2015/08/28/koolitzvlog-10-grudge-towards-a-father/comment-page-1/#comment-1591), we have our own struggles in life, but just hang in there and blog away. About your blog, you need a little of tweaks and you are good to go. You can check on my adventure in blogging https://koolitzable.wordpress.com/blogging-u/ and https://koolitzable.wordpress.com/category/friday-refresh/, see you around 🙂


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