Pets (Part One)

Dusty was sleeping when I took this picture.  I wonder what he was dreaming?  Probably sticking his tongue out at me.  Let me tell you about Dusty, he’s a cat like no other cat my hubby and I ever had. He is too smart for his fur bottom (britches), and has an attitude that won’t quit.  When he was a kitten, he would go, go, go, I thought, “Oh boy, he’s going to be a terror when he gets older.  I wasn’t far from the truth. If I correct him, he back talks me.  One day he kept trying to open the screen door and I said, “Quit Dusty” He meowed me from the screen door to the kitchen, meow, meow, meow, all the way.  He then preceded to the food bowl.  I was watching TV and I kept hearing click, click, click and thought to myself “What the heck is that noise?”  I walked to the laundry room saw that he was smacking the food to the floor. Attitude, let me tell you! He loves to get on the bed with me every night before I go to sleep.  When it’s time, I tell him out, I’m going to sleep, he won’t move and gives me look that says die, I ain’t moving, so it’s a battle every night.  But you can’t help loving him.i100896386._szw1280h1280_


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