Getting Older, Life Choices

This week has been hot so far and it’s only the first week in July.  August???  Wow.  But as always, we keep on keeping on.  I let the animals inside when it’s so hot outside.  Well it’s not actually cool in the house either, at least not for me.

When hubby was working, the AC was at 77.  Back then I froze my shinny off, while he was home and when he wasnt, I put it to 79 degrees.  Now he keeps it at 81 degrees.  I just now put it to 80 degrees.  Ahhh….Well it won’t stay that way.  He’s asleep and I’m enjoying the cool air on me right now.

You know, life has a funny way of doing things to you.  I was a Hell raiser most of my life and it’s amazing what your body tells you the older you get.  It flat out tells you, “I don’t think so!!!”  And it decides to tell you under no certain terms that it doesn’t like what your doing. I know, my hubby, and I, know that.

I’ve tried to lose weight for over two years now and I’m finally losing weight.  But I had to start eating right.  Now at 62, I’m having to do things differently.  You know, detox  drinks, clean eating, moderate drinking, something I did not do when I was younger.  Granola bars…yep.  I made some for the first time yesterday and my husband went berserk over them.  Who thought they could be so good.

Since I quit smoking two and a half years ago, rather cold turkey once the stuck a needle through my chest (no drugs, just numb), to get 600cc of fluid around my heart out.  Well honey, let me tell you what…that was the worst pain I’ve ever been in an I wasn’t about to smoke another cig in my life.  No thank you.  Bad part about it is, I picked up a,  got have sweets craving, hence the weight.  So life changing things happen when you get older.  But they can be good, not bad.  It took me a while to realize that.  But I’m feeling better for it now and I’ve lost seven pounds so far and counting down.  Have a great day everyone….later.