High Springs, Florida Smithsonian Water Ways and a Quilting Contest called Quilting Moments

I’ve have entered a contest on Quiltingsupport.com called Quilting Moments.  Please go to the website and rate my quilt.  I also have it on Pinterest and Facebook.  I would love to have everyone’s rating on my king size quilt.  Thank you all for my support.

In other news, I have been volunteering for the Smithsonian Water Ways at the High Springs, Florida Museum.  We also have our local springs, Blue Springs, Ginny Springs and Poe Springs exhibit in the museum.

Down the hall is the room that shows High Springs, Florida a railroad town over a hundred years ago.  It is an awesome exhibit.  I have some pictures of the exhibit.


This quilt is from the High Springs Quilting Guild.



This quilt is from the High Springs Quilting Guild.

The picture is one that one of the local artists painted and on the right is a Tower Garden.  It is awesome.  In three weeks or less you will have makings for a salad.  You can grow herbs, broccoli, tomatoes, watermelon (small) zucchini, and most of your bush plants.  That is what I’m going to get.

I have the pictures in one spot. The Water Ways, the railroad, and a pictures of the kindergarten through twelfth grade projects.


IMG_20160807_134442<a href="https://meme5461.files.wordpress.com/2016/08/img_20160807_134423.jpg</aIMG_20160807_134340IMG_20160807_134340


I just wanted to show what some of the things in the exhibit are.


New Orleans

We spent six days in New Oleans, La.  Actually, six days at River Ridge KOA campground.  Went to Oceana’s Friday with family and close friends.  Then spent two days visiting friends in Metairie, La., and two days visiting my sister in Lacombe, La.

My two sisters,  Jackie, Mary, and I posed for a picture.


As always, the time flew by.  It has been four years since I have been home and I was homesick.  I made a baby quilt for my niece and my sister and my niece loved the quilt.  Of course I have to show you the quilt…


My stepson holding up the quilt for me.  Now we have to wind down from the trip.  It took us 13 hours to get back home Wednesday and the older you get the harder it is to recuperate.  But I’m going to start going once a year now.  It is normally a seven hour trip.  It saved us to take the camper, but the long haul didn’t help the truck…we have to fix the truck of a leak, which will cost some money.  But such is life.

Today I decided to do one of The Splendid Sampler 6″ square, but as you can see in the picture it is bigger than 6″. I think i did the cutting backwards.


I’ll figure it out. It’s block twelve and I’m still trying to get the blocks done…number 12 is the fourth block I’m trying to get done amid all the washing and cleaning after vacation. By the way, what time is WordPress on? It’s only 1010pm.here on July 2nd.

My King Size Quilt IV

I have finally made the second nine patch panel.  I have also came up with a great idea….well I have to say that I had help on picking out the ideal sashing between the panels.  Well….. I’m still learning how to do this.  I have been busy taking care of my husband and haven’t had time to do much of anything.  The pictures are of the two panels, I just put to many pictures there.


Now the sashing will bring out the colors more I think.  The sashing is a gray/black color as you see below…


Well, it does not look like black in there, but it is.  I now have six blocks out of nine blocks done and hoping to get my third panel done.  Now I’m getting excited….this is where the peak is going up and then it will go down the closer I get to finishing it.

I already have another quilt to start from a kit and another in my head I’ve been thinking about,  plus a mystery quilt with Quilt along with Pat Sloan and another quilt along called Splendid Sampler with Pat Slone and Jane Davidson.  So I will be super busy.

I really have to put a stop to my thinking right now or I will be overwhelmed with to many things.  Oh, I forgot I still have a table topper to finish for my daughter-in-law.

I have been so busy with taking care of hubby, animals and house that I hardly have time to think.  My hubby is healing nicely after his surgery before Christmas and he will be having another procedure in about three weeks.  Hopefully he will not be in hospital for two weeks this time….(smile).  It’s kind of hard when everything is piled on you and you don’t have any energy and you just want to run away screaming at the top of your lungs,  “Calgone take me away.”

So this is where I will close so I can get this panel done. Will be back later with picture of the third panel.


My King Size Quilt Part III

Let me start by saying I have been busy and have had hardly any time to post on my blog.  We have finally found out what my hubby’s problem is and it can be corrected by surgery.  That is a relief to both of us.  So after the first of the year he will be feeling better.  Yeah…..

Now on to the quilt and recipes…..

I finally put together the first nine blocks, block.  It is big and no I haven’t measured it, but it consists of 12 1/2 inch blocks.  So here it is:

I turned it around so you can see the bottom blocks.  Today I will finish three more blocks for the second panel of blocks.  Hopefully I can finish the panel.  If not, I’ll finish it tomorrow.

I have also been busy cooking.  I have had a gourmet tooth the last few days and made several dishes.  One I actually heard about the other day at The Greater Outdoors in High.Springs, Florida.  We were having a couple of drinks and eating at the bar and talking to a guy that just moved to Florida.

The talk turned to cooking and rouxs (gravy).  He was telling me about a sauce that he put on his steak that was great.  It is called Marchaud de Vin and it sounded great to me, so much so that I made it the next day.  So here is the recipe that I got off of Pinterest.


Marchaud de Vin

1 lge. clove of garlic
1/2 c. green onions
1/2 c. mushrooms
1 med. onion
3 small sweet peppers
1/2 stalk of celery
1/3 c. diced ham
1 bay leaf
1/2 tsp. thyme
2 c. beef broth (I used 1 can of consumme’ and one cup water)
1/2 c. dry red wine
6 tbl. butter
1/3 c. flour

Melt butter in skillet, saute’ gr. onions, onions, garlic, celery, sweet peppers, mushrooms and ham. Saute’ until wilted. Blend in flour then add water, Worcestershire, bay leaf, thyme, wine, consumme’. Cook until broth thickens. Salt and pepper to taste.

The sauce was excellent, but rich.  I could gave used a little more water.  You have to take in consideration, the salt intake, because the butter and consumme’  had salt in them and I therefore didn’t add anymore salt.  I had a great time making the recipe and the sides that went with it.  If you make it, let me know what you think.  Later….





My King Size Quilt – Part II


Here are two more blokes for my quilt and now I’m thinking maybe a big four (16) patch block instead of nine patch block. Then I realized if I don’t stop hmmmen and hawwwing I’ll never get it done. But today and tomorrow I will be making something for my daughter-in-law’s birthday, which is Friday, but she’ll get it Thanksgiving day.

So today I’m going to sew like crazy and also tomorrow. Come Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll be cooking for Thanksgiving. So this will be a busy week for everyone.

But at this time I would like everyone to stop and reflect on their life and think about how good you have it and pray for the people in Paris and their grief and the horrific doings of the sadistic people and their beliefs. God would not want this to happen because their beliefs are sick. It is not done in the eyes of the Lord this way. So let’s all take a few minutes of silence and pray for those people that are less fortunate then we are, pray for the love ones that lost family and friends.

God bless and I will be back later with some more quilting and reflection.

Quilting — My King Size Quilt, Part One


As you can see, I have a lot of squares cut of different sizes. Last count was 342. Now I will make some squares for my quilt then stop and cut again. I believe that you’re supposed to cut all of them first then sew, but that’s a lot of squares to cut at one time, so hence that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I made a square today, which took most of the day because I kept messing up, but it’s finally done. My hubby likes it but I’m not sure I do yet. Here is the square I did.

I went today and bought more material. I also got the color I want my background to be. I set up a mock look so I could get an idea of how my design would look and I will probably change it some but for right now this is the idea I have.



I know the last picture is not great, but I’m sure you get the idea. So I’m really getting excited about my quilt to be. I will keep you posted on the progress of the quilt. Later all.