• Life is strange, to say the least.  Friday we were on our way back home from our friends house when we saw the most vivid of a double rainbow.  The first one was the most vivid rainbow that I have ever seen in my life.  The colors were so bright and I could see where it started and where it ended.  The second one was a shadow of the first one.  I stopped the car to take pictures of them and I had the most awesome feeling come over me.  It filled me with the feeling that now my life has really changed for the good.  My husband and I have been going through health problems on his side.  He has not really been doing good.   A-fib and poor circulation problems.
  • I also believe that I finally was at peace with myself and content of who I am now.  I do believe the Lord had spoken to me that day.
  • Yesterday I went to the District 5, Woman’s Club Spring Workshop in Ocala, FL.  It was a great meeting, and I had a great time.  The food and company was great.  I walked away with a Wine basket and a picture frame.   It was a great day indeed.
  • IMG_20170506_1846507_rewind

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