High Springs, Florida Smithsonian Water Ways and a Quilting Contest called Quilting Moments

I’ve have entered a contest on Quiltingsupport.com called Quilting Moments.  Please go to the website and rate my quilt.  I also have it on Pinterest and Facebook.  I would love to have everyone’s rating on my king size quilt.  Thank you all for my support.

In other news, I have been volunteering for the Smithsonian Water Ways at the High Springs, Florida Museum.  We also have our local springs, Blue Springs, Ginny Springs and Poe Springs exhibit in the museum.

Down the hall is the room that shows High Springs, Florida a railroad town over a hundred years ago.  It is an awesome exhibit.  I have some pictures of the exhibit.


This quilt is from the High Springs Quilting Guild.



This quilt is from the High Springs Quilting Guild.

The picture is one that one of the local artists painted and on the right is a Tower Garden.  It is awesome.  In three weeks or less you will have makings for a salad.  You can grow herbs, broccoli, tomatoes, watermelon (small) zucchini, and most of your bush plants.  That is what I’m going to get.

I have the pictures in one spot. The Water Ways, the railroad, and a pictures of the kindergarten through twelfth grade projects.


IMG_20160807_134442<a href="https://meme5461.files.wordpress.com/2016/08/img_20160807_134423.jpg</aIMG_20160807_134340IMG_20160807_134340


I just wanted to show what some of the things in the exhibit are.


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