Boom Boom Shrimp

Two weeks ago I got the craving for Boom Boom Shrimp, also known as Bang, Bang Shrimp.  So I went looking for a recipe on Pinterest and found several that looked good to me.  I decided to go by one of the two, the one that says it is a copycat of Bonefish Grill.  I read the ingredients then embarked on my own ingredients as follows:IMG_20160423_170211

Boom Boom Shrimp

1 lb. of shrimp

1 stick of Land of Lakes butter

1/4 c. Louisiana Hot Sauce or to your taste

1/4 c. Teriyaki sauce, low salt

Baya Seasoning

Garlic powder

Ground pepper

Greek seasoning

1 c. cornstarch

1/2 c. flour

Mix all dry ingredients together, then but in a plastic container with a lid.  Peel shrimp, wash then shake in mixture.  Fry shrimp, drain.   Pour the sauce over the shrimp, or put on the side as a dip.  Sooo good.

It was Sooo delicious that I made it again last week.  It will be a favorite in this house.  Just thinking about it has me thinking of doing steak like that and putting it on a cabbage mix salad….now that sounds good…hmmmm Fajitas tonite here I come.

Now on a most serious note, women and divorce.   Several times in my life I have met women that have been unjustly treated in divorce.  The women work to put the husband through school or is a housewife and husband gets great job as a lawyer, doctor, etc…then all of a sudden, a few years or maybe more, up and gets a divorce and the women are thrown on the wayside.  The husband abandons the wife with no money or skills and she is left to do what???

Do you think there is something wrong with this picture?  Well I do. There should be a law that the husband should leave the wife enough funds and a place so she can seek work or schooling so she can take care of herself.  This is another form of abuse, the heartache and mental anguish she goes through leaves her wondering what did she do wrong.  It is a sin and a crying shame that she is left this way.

Yes, on the flip side is the man that is taken through the cleaners by the woman.  Why are there not any laws on this form of abuse?  Why, you ask?  Because the system doesn’t see it that way.  Our system is so screwed up that it is for the system and how much they can get out of it.

We should be protected from any form of abuse, not just certain ones.  Age discrimination, sexual, verbal, mental, and physical abuse are all devastating to us and only some are covered by law and then again it is “What can the System get out of this?”

In today’s world, it is everyone for themselves, and no one cares what their neighbour is going through.  On the other hand, the neighbourhood is close, but gossip is the norm, and that my friend is another form of abuse….till the next time.


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