O’Leno State Park, Chili Cook-Off

Well I did my sixth year of helping O’leno with their Chili Cook-Off.  It was raining when I woke up yesterday, but by the time I got to the park it had stop.  It rained several times then quit.

I helped with keeping the judges with water and beer while they were tasting and voting for the Chili.  There were 12 Casi judges and 9 open judges.  After the judges made their choice, we then added the  peoples’ choices.  At 3 pm. the rewards were given out.

After that all of the volunteers cleaned up the area and went merrily on their way.  I was too busy to take pictures yesterday, but you can find the park on Facebook.  The Friends of O’leno sponsors the 5K race and the Chili Cook-Off and the proceeds go to help the park fix things or add things.

Another year done. Now to get ready for next year…30 pot warmers for next year and I believe a banner…until then I will
Let you guess. I will be back soon with my quilting and stories.


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