Life, Food, and Crafts

As you can see food and crafts above are my favorite things to do.  I decided to have a frozen waffle this morning with cool whip, chocolate, and strawberries, one of my favorite breakfast meals and fast and simple to make. Now I was being lazy this morning, and I have been fancy in the morning with making an omelette, but that entails alot of work, because like soup, I put a lot of stuff in the omelette.

Next are the pictures of quilting I have done so far.  The hearts are the first block of 100 blocks that are for “The Splendid Sampler,” quilt that Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson, started on February 14, 2016.  Then every Thursday and Sunday we get new blocks to make, learning different methods to use, embroidery, quilting, free motion, paper piecing, even crochet.  There are 80 different designers involved with this quilt along and at the end of the year a book will be published.  There are people around the world that have joined this fantastic quilt along.  Pat Sloan, has “Quilt Along with Pat Sloan,” and she has a year long Quilt Along also.  She has 55,000 quilters and it is growing.

The picture of the bed with the quilt top is mine.  I’ve been working on the quilt since November 2015, but life has interfered off and on since I started the quilt. My hubby was in the hospital for 15 days during Christmas and the beginning of this month, outpatient surgery. So every time he goes, it disrupts my quilting and sometimes it’s hard to go right back to it. I’ve only made two squares of my fifth panel…which has nine squares. But it will get done. In fact, he has more surgery coming up soon, it’s to reverse the surgery from Christmas and he’ll be in the hospital for two days only (I hope.) Anyway, enough of this.

I cut out another block from “The Splendid Sampler,” yesterday and I am amazed at how tiny the blocks are…one inch to two and a half inches…the biggest being 2-1/2 x 4-1/2. The finish size being six inches. But it is such fun learning from the best of the best. I’m so lucky to be part of both groups. The groups are so lucky to have great teachers. The picture of the cut up blocks for the six inch square. Later I will have a picture of the finished block. For now, I am making this published.



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