My King Size Quilt – Part II


Here are two more blokes for my quilt and now I’m thinking maybe a big four (16) patch block instead of nine patch block. Then I realized if I don’t stop hmmmen and hawwwing I’ll never get it done. But today and tomorrow I will be making something for my daughter-in-law’s birthday, which is Friday, but she’ll get it Thanksgiving day.

So today I’m going to sew like crazy and also tomorrow. Come Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll be cooking for Thanksgiving. So this will be a busy week for everyone.

But at this time I would like everyone to stop and reflect on their life and think about how good you have it and pray for the people in Paris and their grief and the horrific doings of the sadistic people and their beliefs. God would not want this to happen because their beliefs are sick. It is not done in the eyes of the Lord this way. So let’s all take a few minutes of silence and pray for those people that are less fortunate then we are, pray for the love ones that lost family and friends.

God bless and I will be back later with some more quilting and reflection.


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