Momma’s Singing


I don’t know how many of you out there like singing with the songs you love.  How many of us have listen to the 50’s – 2000 music, and still listen to the oldies but goodies and sing along with your favorites.  Now I’m not excluding our children because my son grew up with my music and loves it just as much as I do.  Now his child grew up listening to today’s music and doesn’t know much about our music because of other reasons.

Ok, I know I’m rambling, but to explain my story, I need to ask how many of you been told to stop singing.  One comment to me was, Go get a bucket, and you ask why, and your told they can ‘t hear too much if it’s over you head.  My son use to ask me who sang that song I was singing and I said Righteous Brothers, he said keep it that way.  So yes, I cannot carry a tune.

Which leads up to tonight’s episode.  The cat in the picture is Dusty and he was sleeping behind the bathroom door.  Well my husband wanted me to hear a song by Creedence, Clearwater Revival, Bad Moon Arising, so I put the headphones on and started singing along.  I know every beat, guitar, piano sound and was dancing and moving my hands with each beat I heard. That went on for about three songs.

My husband told me that when I started singing, Dusty woke up and made a sprint to get out of the bedroom.  He told me the cat couldn’t get out of the bedroom fast enough.  Now I wasn’t mad, I started laughing and I couldn’t stop.  I could visualize it because my Kimmy did the same thing when I started singing.  I looked out the bedroom door and Gracie and Mitzie were by Dusty, I believe they had a conversation like this:  Gracie to Dusty, So you heard that racket, what was it, Dusty:  it was Momma singing and I couldn’t get out the room fast enough with all that screaming going on.  The dog was just looking at both of them thinking, I know that’s right.  Momma can’t carry a tune if she tried, and I’m glad she stopped singing.  Long story short, I lay in bed and couldn’t stop laughing, I thought it was halirous, now I have a weapon, he, he, he, (hands rubbing together) I can start singing when the animals start aggravating me.  Ha, ha, ha.


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