Pets (IV)


This is Mitzie.  She is unlike any dog I have ever had.  Doesn’t she look pretty?  Welll, don’t let that fool you, because she’s smart as a whip and knows (at least she think she does) know how to work you.

She is an actress from the word go, (figure of speech) and is too funny.  She will do anything for a bone.  I will have to video some of the things she does.  She will look out the screen door. And wwf, wwf under her breath.  Yea that’s right, under her breath.  I will let her out and she goes bouncing across the yard then looks back to see if I’m watching, then wwf, wwf, turns around and trots back.  She just knows she’s getting a bone.  I let her back in and put my hands up, palms facing her, and say “I don’t have any.”  If I gave her a bone every time she did that I’d be out of bones in one day.


Mitzie and Dusty are best buddies and the dog takes care of him.  I started letting Dusty out on the front porch and told Mitzie to watch the kitty.   I trained her to go get kitty if Dusty went out the gate.  We have woods in the back and I do not want Dusty to get hurt, he’s vulnerable.

When I look out the door and don’t see Dusty, I walk to the gate, open it, and tell Mitzie, “Go get Kitty.”  She makes a beeline to the woods on the side of us, and Dusty makes a beeline to the yard, hoping to beat Mitzie.  It is the most hilarious thing you’ve ever seen, Dusty running ninety miles an hour, his ears flat back, and his belly flapping back and forth, looking for Mitzie.  Needless to say, Mitzie is already there.  Now thats when she gets a bone.

So I can tell you this much, there is never is a dull moment in my house.


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