Pets (Part III)


Kimmy is our first rescue animal.  I found a Calico dead on the other side of our property, July of 2007,  I wondered what happen to the cat and looked around to see if there were any kittens.  I found none.  About a week later, we found out that there were kittens in a turtle hole. The reason we knew was because our neighbor on our left had cut down some trees along the fence line and my hubby was talking to the man about a kitten that came shooting out of the trees he was burning and went down the turtle hole.  Once my hubby told me that, we went on a rescue mission. We tried everything we could to get the kitten to no avail.  We left food out and water. My hubby and I had been dating for six months at the time and we were going to Bush Gardens the third week in July and tried to get the kitten before we left.  We were gone only a day, but I was still worried about the kitten.  When we got back, my hubby, his son and a friend finally got two kittens out, but not the white furball.  We continue to leave food out.  In the meantime, hubby and I had split up. On July 25th, hubby called me to let me know that the kitten came walking up.  I went over for awhile, but was not ready to go back with him.  We had been split for two weeks. As you know, we settled our differences, because we got married.  I like to believe Kimmy had a lot to do with us getting back together.  She was a beautiful kitten and a lot of fun,  and still is a beauty.  That was eight years ago.


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