Pets (Part II)


This is Gracie Girl and she is Momma’s helper.  Her nickname is Little Momma and the reason she has the nickname is because she enforces my law, ha, ha, ha.  Now when the animals are misbehaving and I correct them, she runs up and smacks them, “You better listen to Mommas or you’ll deal with me, smack, smack.  It is too funny.

My Gracie is a rescued cat, she was three weeks old when I finally was able to catch her.  She and her sister were behind a dog house on my porch and it was hard getting to them because the doghouse was to heavy to move.  Their mother went off and left them one stormy night and didn’t come back till the next day late.  Well I managed to get Gracie, but the Mother took off with the other one before I could get her too.  Well about a week and a half later she came back with the kitten and the kitten died that day.  I cried my eyes out and hubby said, “You tried baby, there is nothing you can do now.”  To this day it still hurts me.

I believe because of the storm, Gracie is very finicky.  I always know when it’s going to rain or when someone is coming because Gracie runs and hides in my canning cabinet.  She was traumatize by that bad storm when she was little.  My hubby calls her “The Cabinet Cat.”  Gracie is a very loving cat, and she’s mommy’s girl.


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