Mother Nature (Part II)


Weather in Florida can be beautiful, sweltering hot, or cold as the dickens. In 2004, we had four hurricanes that hit Florida and moved on up the coast, they were Charlie, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne.. I remember because we got two of the four. We got Frances and Jeanne. In my area Ft. White, we got winds up to 75 mph. It was scary because the wind were howling and whooshing like there was no tomorrow and the trailer was shaking like crazy. We were lucky, but we didn’t lose any food during the hurricanes because we were prepared this time.

The reason for this article came from a statement from a lady on the weather station. She made a statement that I said when I went home to New Oleans, La., in 2006, a year after Katrina to meet my youngest sister, Mary. It was the first time meeting her and the first I had seen New Orleans, East after Katrina.

We meet her on the exit of Bullard Rd, and proceeded to drive to Haynes Blvd between Crowder and Read Road where my sister, Jackie and I grew up. She wanted to see where we grew up.

The lady on the news said exactly what I said, “TV didn’t do justice to the devastation.” Her and my exact words were, “It looked like a bomb went off.” I started crying seeing every thing destroyed or damaged by Katrina. On Read Blvd, the high school I went to was about gone, places I went to, worked at and lived were nothing but devastation. The shock of seeing first hand was mind blowing, you could not even begin to grasp the reality of it. I just stood there just staring, speechless, and crying.

From there we continued on to Houma, La, and everywhere was the same, either destroyed or needing repair. Eleven months after Katrina, it looked like it just happened. I was in a state of shock. Utterly unbelievable.

So yes, Mother Nature is something you don’t want to mess with. I totally understand what others are going thru when tornados and hurricanes hit. Floods from rains are just as devastating.

So next time you see on TV what others are going thru, know that it’s not like looking at the real thing.


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