Mother Nature (Part One)


Mother Nature is fickle. Now in Florida I believe that statement wholeheartedly because you never know what kind of weather you will run into. I would travel to Florida twice a year, if possible, to see my Mother and twice a year I would run into rain. I always wondered, “Why do they the call it the Sunshine State?” I always see the rain.

Now Mother Nature loved to scare the hell out of me while I was on the road, the lightning was horrific to me and the knuckle gripping of the steering wheel made it more so because the rain was falling in buckets, not sheets, buckets!!! Little did I know that I always traveled during the rainy season in Florida.

Now I’m from New Orleans, LA., and you think, “She should be used to rain,” and I am, but Florida was a whole new ballgame to me. The first time I came to Florida was in 1981, on vacation. Well we ran into a rainstorm the likes I never seen or heard. We were traveling to Jacksonville, and we were only by Tallahassee at the time of a horrific thunderstorm. The rain came down in buckets…not sheets and the lightning and thunder was horrifying to me. We had to pull over and wait for it to slow up a little, that’s when I heard the crack of thunder so loud that I felt it all the way down to my eardrums.

The then partner I was with at the time was a prankster and couldn’t miss the opportunity to scare the crap out of me with a boooom. Needless to say he liked to not made it any further because I turned and started hitting his arm, crying and screaming, “You’ll never do that again, hit, hit, hit…..he finally apologised to me. Now that was the start of Floridian weather to me.

I moved to Florida in 1990, my mother had moved here in 1986, and on
March 13, 1993, we had what you would call “Storm of the Century.” At 4:30 am our trailer started shaking a lot then it stopped about two minutes later. By 6:00 am it had totally stopped. I headed to work at 6:30 and ran into all kind of debris on the road. I thought, That must have been a tornado this morning.”
I made it to work, but the fire department came by and closed us down, we had to leave everything as it was, customers and all, had to leave. They
were afraid that the sign would fall on the building because of the wind.

That day it went from 70 degrees at 7:00 in the morning to 20 degees by 5:00 pm. We had no electricity, so we went to my Mom’s and ending up staying four days. We lost alot of food from that storm and we learned to be prepared.


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