Out my Front Door

When I look out my front door, I never know what I am going to see. The view is different everyday. Yesterday it was the horses and the Brahma bull. The bull’s name is Mongo and he’s only a year old and spoilt rotten. He belongs to my next door neighbor, so do the horses. She uses our side and front pastures to put her animals in. Her father mows our pastures in return, so I would say we all have the best of two worlds.

I have really seen some sights in the mornings I wake up and open the front door and look out my screen door. One morning two weeks ago, I opened the door and saw a beautiful royal blue peacock in the side pasture. I thought okayyy, now she has a peacock. When I seen her later she said it wasn’t hers. I thought, “Oh boy, I have a peacock.”

Out my front door
Out my front door

Well the peacock only stayed one week. I guess he just stopped over on his way to somewhere else. No, I dont think something got him because there were no feathers around or any indication that something got him. I shedded tears because I really liked him.

Another time I opened the door and a fully grown cow, yessss, cow was in our side pasture. I knew it wasn’t her cow, so we proceed to check around the neighborhood to find the owner. It belong to the neighbors down and across from us. Their daughter’s science project.

Last, but not least, One Christmas Eve morning her tamed deer were in our front yard, so I put them in the side pasture with the two mules we had. I walked back inside. A few minutes later I looked out the kitchen window and my heart almost jumped out of my skin, the mules were running after the deer to hurt them. So me in a panick, I got them in my front yard and called next door to get them to come get them. Hey, I’m a city girl gone country girl, I have learned by trial and error. What can I say?

Let me tell you, that was a fiasco I do not want to do again. So to make a long story short :), I never know what I will see when I open my front door.


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