What We Learn From Life

How many of you wonder why life throws us curve balls, do we learn from them or do we keep getting the same curve ball over and over?

I have learned thru the years that you have to keep on keeping on, if you don’t the balls just keep giving you that curve.  You get to the point that you just want to give up trying.  You wonder, “Why Me?”   “What have I done for this to keep happening to me?”  Wellllll, apparently we haven’t learned our lesson yet.

Lessons are a fact of life, we either learn or we keep doing the same thing over and over.  You tell yourself, “but I do everything right, I help others, I give my love and devotion to family and friends,” and your still baffled.

My answer was, “Let Go and Let God.”  Now I will not apologize for my faith, and anyone who is offended, don’t come back, or maybe you will learn something.  We keep taking back our will, we forgot the the words of “Thy will be done,” in “The Lord’s Prayer.”  Well that would be me, ’cause I keep putting my will ahead of his.  I am strong, (no you’re not), I can do this, I can handle anything, (news flash, (no you cannot))…so hense the war between you and yourself and God.

Now let me tell you about me, I am stubborn, willful, hard headed to the max, and in control, (does that reminded you of someone)…hmmmm, yes you!  There you arrrre, yourself.  I had to do it all, work, pay bills, doing for family, and animals that I lost track of myself.  I was stressed out, negative, careless, and I, me syndrome.  Now that I, me syndrome will take you for a ride with yourself and the longer it takes the more your I, me-ing.  When is this going to stop?????  It hasn’t for me yet, but I don’t give up, then the devil’s got you if you give up.  Now the negative attitude is another factor that is going on to beget more negative thoughts.

Negativity is bad for the soul.  The more we are negative, the more negative our life becomes.  I know, been there done that, still fighting.  I have hit rock bottom three times in my life, the third was yesterday.  But now I am mad at the injustice of our government, the rules and regulations of theirs, that only benefits them, but I won’t quit, I wouldn’t let the devil win, litterly.

Well enough of I, me-ing for the day, I hope this was enlightened to you all.  I hope I’ve helped you out there and now go and make a positive day for yourselves.  Let go and let God.



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